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Fresh product and 100% Panamanian


Our fished products in Panamanian waters are of the best quality, always meeting the standards of a market that is increasingly broad and demanding.

Supporting the National Producer


It is a big part of our business ethics to support and work constantly with the national producer to offer them opportunities to grow and improve.

With More Than 15 Years in the Market


We are a company with a track record in the export market, with a great team that supports us. Always proud to provide our products to our customers.

Open to New Opportunities

If you are an importer, own a restaurant or want a product from us, we can offer you what you need.

About Us


Our History

Bajamar Seafood, is a Panamanian company dedicated to Seafood exportation since 2001. Highly committed to the sustainability of fisheries resources in Panamá, being our main market the United States of América, Central América and the Caribbean.


Know Our Products

From the Snapper to the Mahi-Mahi. From the Corvina to the Tuna. Our high quality products always aim for excellence and customer satisfaction. Click and find out what we can offer you!


Always Pointing Towards Excellence

In a market that is increasingly demanding and constantly growing, it is necessary to adapt more quickly to changes and trends. With opportunities such as the European Market or the Asian Market has never been a better opportunity to aim higher than ever! Follow us on our social networks to learn more about our projects.

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BajamarSeafood, S.A.

Mañanitas, Sector Industrial, Edificio Bajamar N°40-A Panamá, PA

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BajamarSeafood, S.A.

Mañanitas, Sector Industrial, Edif. Bajamar No. 40-A, Panamá

+507 395 9816


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